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Revenue Share

Revenue Share, and why is it the best option.

With Revenue Share, you will share the commissions of the lifetime sales from customers, which means that you will get commissions from every purchase the customer you brought makes, for as long as the customer is using our site.

The products that Trixxs promotes have high conversion rates to recurring sales, which makes every lead all the more valuable.

If you take a look at our stats from 2018, you will see that almost 20% of the total transactions customers make are first time purchases. Which if you know basic math, means that about 80% of the transactions are recurring sales.

Why does Revenue Share make more sense?

One important thing is; Security for the seller. But what does that mean? It means that the seller does not have to take risks when paying for traffic that might not even lead to any sales. The next thing is; The Affiliate receives fair commissions compared to other PP systems, this is because the affiliate will get commissions from everything their customers pays for.

With this in mind, doesn’t Revenue Share sound like the most fair system for everyone involved? (hint: yes it does)

Honesty and Truth

A big problem with other payout systems is that you can’t be sure if the traffic you are getting is actually real. It doesn’t matter if you are paying for views, clicks or the first sale a customer makes, the seller can never be 100% sure that payouts aren’t being manipulated.

Traffic sources can do many things to make their traffic secure, but you can’t always be sure, there are always loopholes to be found and exploited.

What does this mean? Well, it means that the seller needs to take a certain risk into consideration when paying for views, clicks, leads etc. Which means that the seller needs a larger profit to cover the risk involved.

However if the affiliate brings in 100% real traffic, they will automatically profit more from this Revenue Share solution than other solutions, since the seller does not have to take the same risk into consideration.

Free as a bird, as they say

Using a Revenue Share system will give the affiliate the freedom to work in their own way, since we don’t have the same need for intrusive checks of traffic sources, quality etc. What if the affiliate brings in low quality traffic? Well then the affiliate will make less money. So it’s in the best interest of everyone involved to make sure that the traffic being generated is real, and profitable.

The longer, the better

Using the Revenue Share method is the most profitable solution in the long run. We do everything we can to keep the customers happy on our sites. We use various things to keep them staying, and paying. From email promotions, notifications and information about matches, as well as information about other members who have shown interest in their profile, we do everything we can to keep our end of the deal.

The way we treat the leads you bring us not only helps increase sales for you, but also prolongs the lifetime of each user, which means that you will keep getting commissions from the leads you bring us for a very long time (could even be years).

The users on our sites stay for an average of 4 months, which could mean many things. It could mean that they keep paying each and every day, or it could mean that they are just checking in once a day to see how things are looking. The latter might sound unprofitable, right? But actually a lot of these users who keep checking in eventually becomes long-time buyers on our sites. So you can get a lead in January, that you look at and think “Hey, this guy doesn’t seem like he is going to spend any money.”, but then that same user could become your all-time best buyer, months later.

Recurring Sales

We have spoken previously about recurring sales and how much of our sales they make up. It’s important to understand how valuable this is. For example, if you bring in the same amount of registrations (leads) as well as buyers every month, the amount of sales these customers make will build up month by month because of the recurring sales that long-term users keep making.

This is what makes Revenue Share game-changing.

Don’t forget to check out our Animated video about Revenue Share!


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