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Affiliate Conference

Getting the most out of an Affiliate Marketing conference

With the recent huge growth in the affiliate marketing industry, it’s not surprising that there has been a similar growth in the number of associated conferences taking place all over the world. Whether you are looking to find out about the latest trends in this sector, to get the most out of networking opportunities or to meet major influencers in person, attending such events is something of a ‘no-brainer’ as it’s becoming an almost essential part of doing business.

Recent figures from the Stanford Research Institute state that ‘the success of a company’s business depends on two major factors: 12.5% of this success depends on knowledge and experience while a massive 87.5% is based on the ability to relate to people.

So, what can you do to maximise the benefits of attending an affiliate marketing conference? We’ve tried to come up with some ideas and advice that can help you out in doing this and have broken this down into three parts: these are what could be called before, during and after stages.

Before the event.

The motto here is ‘be prepared’ and the importance of this may easily be overlooked when in fact there are lots of opportunities to plan and get ready in order to get the most out of the conference you are attending.

Do some research: These kinds of events have become huge gatherings with the world’s top performance marketers and experts in attendance, along with a range of top-quality speakers, a wide range of brands and agency representatives, plus countless advertisers, traffic sources and networks. It’s therefore extremely important to know who will be there and who you should meet.

Set goals: Decide exactly what you want to get out the conference, such as making a certain number of new contacts related to particular brands and products or learning a something about a particular aspect of the industry. Make a list, look at the timetables of events and plan your day carefully.

Contact details: Ensure that all your contact details are up-to-date, accurate and ready to be shared. Make sure you have enough business cards to take and that any website or social media presence you want people to see is current.

Dress for the occasion: Even though you may not think you are going to that actively involved, this is still not a good time to be casual. People you meet will probably be judging you on appearance so make sure you are professional looking in accordance with your business.

During the event

There is surely going to be a lot going on, and a lot to take in. Generally following the order of the day you planned out is highly recommended here, while also being aware of any last-minute changes that may have happened. Get there early to find out about anything like this and to see what the layout is. Also, while networking is going to a major part of the event, don’t be too distracted by talking to people who may well not be relevant to your business.

Some other things you might want to think about are:

Take some notes: If you are listening to an interesting and informative speaker, you might want to write down (or otherwise record) some key points to help you remember those ideas. Likewise, do this for any important contacts you make on the day. Keeping a list or writing a quick note on the back of a business card is a great way of reminding you who you should be contacting when you are following-up after the conference.

Make your presence known: Networking is a major part of any conference so don’t be shy about taking the first step to introduce yourself to people or approach someone you really want to talk to. Another top tip is to try to ask questions, where appropriate, in any public session. Standing up, introducing yourself by saying who you are and what you do before asking a question is a great way to show yourself to a large group of people who may well want to talk to you and is virtually free marketing!

Stay around: Don’t be in a hurry to rush off after the last speaker has finished. There are often open question and answer sessions available and it’s also another great opportunity for networking in general, and a chance to talk about the events of the day.

Extra curricula activities: There are always a variety of social events going on after conferences so make sure you have put any other commitments on hold and go along to one. Again, another great chance to meet and chat but in a more relaxed environment.

After the event

Hopefully, you will have had an interesting, rewarding and potentially profitable experience but don’t just leave it as an ever-fading memory, no matter how much you think you have gained from it.

Reflection: Take some time to formally review ideas, knowledge and potential opportunities you may have gained from the conference. Discussing them with colleagues or friends is a great way to expand on these and think about ways this could be improved at the next opportunity to attend a similar event.

Follow-up new contacts: Don’t leave it too long to get in touch with people who you met to keep yourself fresh in their minds. A quick email or phone call keeps that ball rolling and may well lead to good things.

Review your business plans accordingly: As part of reflecting on what you got out of the conference, you may well want to think about new avenues and opportunities that have arisen as a result. The same applies to new things you heard about and may want to find out more information on.

Don’t forget that Trixxs will be in attendance at the forthcoming Affiliate World conference in Bangkok on the 4th and 5th December. We would love to meet you there and please don’t hesitate to contact us beforehand if you want to find out more about what we do first.


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