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Best Adult Dating Affiliate Program

Trixxs is an affiliate marketing partner for Online Dating Services. Our highly successful program offers freedom, support and flexibility. You can promote many of the websites we currently own. All our affiliates are granted quick and easy access to all components of the tracking system. We are focused on ensuring high standards of support and communication to our partners throughout the process.

Features of our Dating Program

  • Lifetime commissions
  • EXCLUSIVE dating products
  • Responsive products
  • Competitive payouts
  • Customized platform
  • Accurate tracking

How it works

  • Sign up interview
  • Set up your tracking links and campaigns
  • Gain traffic
  • Gain revenue

Revenue share Payout

Trixxs offers revenue share commission of the lifetime sales from the customer, which means you will get a commission from each purchase the customer makes during their lifetime. This is especially valuable when promoting products with high conversion rates to recurring sales, as ours.


Why revenue share?

Security for the affiliate and the program

This means that the affiliate and the program does not have to take risks with paying for traffic that may not lead to sales and can give a more profitable commission rate to the affiliate, since the cost/income is 100% predictable.

Fair for the affiliate.

The affiliate will receive the fairest commission compared to other systems, since they will always get a commission from each and every sale their registered customer brings.

Happiest affiliates around

Our affiliates are some of the happiest in the industry. Many of them are webmasters who joined us after being paid very little by their previous advertising partners or affiliate programs.

They saw quite early on how fast and easy the revenue scales up with their traffic.

This is something that has made it clear to us that we have the best adult dating products for Webmasters who own and operate sites in the Adult niche. But also the general dating niche.

Do we have any restrictions?

We do not currently have many restrictions on traffic sent to our offers. But when in doubt, our affiliate manager will always be there for you to assist with any issues or questions that you may have!

This is an important part of our affiliate program, we are always there for you.

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